The Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show Rules and Regulations for Entry Agreement

Undoubtedly, this is the world’s largest horse show of the Arabian breeds at present. The West-World Premier of Scottsdale will host the upcoming event. The Arabian Horse Association of Arizona (AHAA) has set some rules and regulations for the event. The Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show has formulated a code of conduct for entry and show.

There are some rules also for the spectators to enjoy the horse show on the ground. They have to follow the procedure for booking tickets and confirming the schedules for the event.

In this article, we will review the much-needed rules and regulations of the show. It is essential for both the horse owners and the audiences. So let’s have a look!

AHAA Entry Agreement

The horse farm owners and exhibitors have to sign an agreement with AHAA. This agreement is to obey the rules and regulations throughout the exhibition. The participants declare their obligation to their horses, riders, drivers, coaches, trainers, physicians, and equipment by signing the agreement.

In this agreement, they state that none of the arranging authorities is responsible for any loss or injury of their horses. And all the horses will remain under the close supervision of the horse owners and exhibitors.

The Arabian Horse Association of Arizona- AHAA won’t accept the liability of injury, loss, and death of horses, riders, and any other persons. And the medical or property cost will also fall upon the participants. They will get no compensation from the show committee or AHAA.

The horse owners, exhibitors, and groomers cannot use any device to harm others’ horses or properties. In such an unexpected situation, the offenders have to bear the compensation. And it will include the attorney fees too.

Federation Entry Agreement

The United States Equestrian Federation has fixed some rules of releases, waivers, indemnification, and assumption of risk. The horse owners have to agree with the federation on behalf of their exhibitors, trainers, drivers, coaching staff, handlers, and volunteers.

The agreement is important to execute in order to make the show safe for all participants. In this agreement, the participants declare that they are obliged to the hearing committee’s decision.

The federation entry agreement allows the arranging authority to use photos and videos to promote the show. But the participants cannot advertise the show that can jeopardize the event. They must secure the privacy and broadcasting policy of the show.

Under the federation agreement, the horse farm owners agree that the horse show involves the risk of physical injury. The horses, exhibitors, riders, trainers, and volunteers can face fatal accidents in this event.

In this regard, the participants will declare the indemnification of the authority beyond any condition.

However, none of the participants will indemnify themselves from causing harm to others’ horses, exhibitors, and volunteers. They will show respect to the decision of the show committee in terms of paying compensation.

Finally, the United States Equestrian Federation reserves the right of membership cancellation due to agreement infringement. And the participants don’t get any room to appeal against the decision.

Rules and Regulations AHA Membership Submission:

All competitors, including the exhibitors, riders, trainers, and coaches, fill a membership form out. The Scottsdale show committee reviews the submissions before approving membership.

The participants have to collect their membership cards to confirm their entry to the Arabian Horse Show. And the membership includes fees for the particular event. You won’t get access to the AHA regional and national competitions with your single event membership card.


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Rules and Regulations Arizona Equine Law:

Both the event organizers and the competitors have to obey the Arizona equine law. According to the law, the show must be harmless for the horses and their breeds. This law discourages any conduct that can be unlawful for the inherent behaviors of the equines.

And the law indemnifies the sponsor and the show committee from the injury and death of the participants in equine activities. In this regard, the exhibitors or riders will consciously accept their fates in the exhibition or race.

Rules and Regulations for Drugs and Medications:

USEF has some rules and regulations for applying drugs and medications. The veterinarians approved by USEF will examine the health conditions of horses. This examination includes urine, saliva, blood, and physical tests. The well-trained licensed veterinarians will be responsible for the tests. And the horse owners will pay $23 per horse.

Act for Alcohol:
Carrying alcohol in the exhibition premises by any persons is unlawful. The show committee strictly prohibits it. If you want to have alcohol, you have to communicate with the AHA authorized vendors. Otherwise, you will be brought to book for unlawful behavior.

Rules and Regulations for Attendants, Duties, and Appearances:

The Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show has its traditional code of conduct for attendants, duties, and appearances. And there are different codes of attire and attendance for the different classes. For example, the Arabian Hunter’s pleasure differs from the Arabian Ranch Horse Reining.

However, the attendants must appear in neat and suitable dresses. And the show ring, an exhibitor will be in traditional attire. The exhibitors will present the horses in the proper manner. The judges will keep their close eyes on the manner and appearance of exhibitors, horses, and riders.


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Rules and Regulations Discipline:

The exhibitors, riders, drivers, coaches, trainers, and officials will maintain their respective disciplines. Under the USEF rules, the show committee can disqualify any of them due to discipline violations. And any offense will come into strict punishment. And the offenders will be liable for their undisciplined conduct. For more details…

Final Words!

All the rules and regulations are for the betterment of the show. The Arabian Horse Association of Arizona (AHAA) is firm in keeping the show acceptable to all participants and spectators. And the Scottsdale Show Committee expects suitable behavior from all the responsible stakeholders like horse owners, riders, drivers, and volunteers.

The trainers, coaches, and event officials are subjected to obey the rules and regulations. And even as an audience, you have some duties to make the world’s largest horse show enjoyable to all.

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